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This page is a terrible mistake made during the transition from 05th May to 06th May on the third and fourth Christmas of years 2023 and 2024.

apparently the subtitles are supposed to read Secret Rose instead of 5th anniversary April Fool’s l Backwards Compatibility for DMMdotCom

hey, so I have made it back here, what else could I talk about exactly for the second anniversary April Fool’s?

it’s obvious . It’s the fortune telling event about our resident favourite horoscope person, Hiori Kazano

but you are probably thinking? How did this get approved? Editing with a character’s name doesn’t work

well here’s how it has worked or the down and under of it hope I Kazan Hiori was the second screensaver

not like the second anniversary’s second screen saver there’s too many of those to count or call back upon

but anyway you may now have realised or realisation has stuck upon this realised user wait I can spell this now!

quell your doubts and calm yourselves for well yes that is true and well yes and archived version does not exist anymore

how else can I quell or quash this desire to just pretend I have been there?! Nice now just practice this megu ru hachimiya is not limited and in the same approximate power bracket

since this place is unlikely to be used by the way I think I joined the idol master series through the 2011 animation about 765 All Stars and 2015 simulrelease of Cinderella Girls and Animation, also played a bit of 2015-2018 Million Stars but those were less of the console experience and Cinderella Girls was more of a competitive rhythm game , Million Stars a financial management game with multiplayer, so Shiny Colors really is my first game that I consider that I am “producing” an idol.

hey dude I am back at [email protected] on a affiliate apprenticeship with Hyperoptic subsidary Hyperion building management for GEO buildinglink geo is my meepo name if you cannot dig it? Earth Sigil dig it? Haha I will be a transfer student for the next three months on a trimester calender of the trinity college with quaternary fiscal reports to file. Anyway. This is how to play with anytime if you are insane enough to name your Deoxys deoxyribonucleicacid DNAbc as NucleusWaffles and give it Serebi and Urie and auric Time Leap. Deoxys own native Recovery solid state drive cache. Genesect or Sableeye sharkpedo installed drives from legacy porygon Z. And be embarrassing enough to be a Glenninja Lucario and reenact how much fail Lucario tried to Fighting Stance Aura copy Deoxys and had to get Urix to resuscitate the main character. Or are the main characters drag racing Latias and Latios without seeing any Lucia now?

Anyway eh if you autoPlayschedule and fearlessly make ProduceReady already through random album ProducerMarathons I recommend scoring on ThaLaSsiMes or the mistletoe tree which is probably how most autoProduce cards are generated paid player by the way