Landing Point

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Landing Point, also known as 283 Productions' Unit-Solo Live Landing Point (283プロダクション ユニット単独ライブ Landing Point) is a Produce mode scenario that was introduced to the game in May 2021.

Landing Point is unlocked by completing the G.R.A.D. scenario at least once. As of July 14, 2021, only illumination STARS, L'Antica and Houkago Climax Girls are the only units that have their own scenarios.

Production Timeline[edit | edit source]

Much like the other three produce modes, Landing Point is divided into four seasons, each season having eight weeks. There is no preliminary event unlike in the other three modes. Instead after the fourth week, the actual Landing Point audition occurs.


Song Selection[edit | edit source]

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For the first three seasons, you get to pick a song. Each song can be leveled up to 50, with milestone bonuses every 10 levels. These milestone rewards vary from song to song and can give bonus stats, or unit specific bonuses. Each song also has a specific set of missions that can give bonuses while the produce run is ongoing.

Supports and Proficiency[edit | edit source]

Supports now have proficiencies. Proficiences allow the produce idol to gain bonuses when a specific proficiency gauge of a given song gets filled. Each support card can have one or two proficiencies. The amount of proficiency given by a specific card is dependent on the support card's level and rarity.