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Much like any other wiki, we have a few house rules to keep the peace and maintain wiki integrity. Please be guided accordingly and read these rules.

  1. No Vandalism
    • Pretty much a no brainer. While this wiki is open for all to edit, this does not mean people can just waltz in and deface pages. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to restrict access to editing certain pages if the vandalism persists.
  2. Don't do flame wars in discussion pages or edit wars.
    • Admins and moderators reserve the right to block users if deemed necessary.
  3. Do not post non-canon or fanon material.
    • As much as possible, with perhaps the exception of trivia and fan culture pages of character pages, please keep the content as close to canon as possible. Only post official (and translated ofc) material that is found in the numerous jp wikis/shinycolors related websites.
  4. Related to this rule, only post data available on official sites and JP community channels like JP wikis, the official shinycolors twitter, etc.
    • Exceptions to this rule are translations of twitter/in-game 4komas, song lyrics, character and VA info.
      • However please do not post scanlations of ShinyColors manga/4komas that are found in the ShinyColors guide/enza magazines that are available physically in Japan. We'd rather not in trouble for posting scanlations of these works.
  5. Any concerns or questions can be forwarded to the ShinyColors discord, the talk page of the community board, or straight to the admins' talk pages (currently MPThLee and ElysiaKun, but more admins/mods will be recruited.)
  6. These rules can be changed at any given time, but we will give you due notice on discord before we make such changes.

Thank you and enjoy the wiki!