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Repository of Templates and Sample Pages you can use.

Template List[edit source]

Documentation on how to use these templates are in their respective pages.

ShinyColors Character Infobox: Template:ShinyCharaInfo

ShinyColors VA Infobox: Template:ShinyVAInfo

ShinyColors Music Infobox: Template:ShinyMusicInfo

ShinyColors Event Page Template Template:ShinyEvent

ShinyColors Gacha Banner Template Template:ShinyGachaBanner

Sample Page Templates[edit source]

Just view the source and copy paste into the new page you are working on.

Sample ShinyColors Character Page: ShinyWiki:CharacterSample

Sample ShinyColors Character Commu Page: ShinyWiki:CharacterSample/Commus

Sample ShinyColors VA Page: ShinyWiki:VASample

Sample ShinyColors Music Page: ShinyWiki:MusicSample

Sample Fes Event Page: ShinyWiki:FesEventSample

Sample Produce SSR Idol: ShinyWiki:P-SSR Idol

Sample Produce SR Idol: ShinyWiki:P-SR Idol

Sample Support SSR Idol: ShinyWiki:S-SSR Idol

Sample Support SR Idol: ShinyWiki:S-SR Idol

Deprecated Pages (for archiving purposes)[edit source]

Sample Scenario Event Page: ShinyWiki:ScenarioEventSample

Sample Scenario Event Commu Page: ShinyWiki:ScenarioEventSample/Commu

Sample Produce Event Page: ShinyWiki:ProduceEventSample