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This page is created on a romantic, bucolic note of twilight and daybreak, between dawnbreak and nightedge; woven amidst chiptunes and grindcore et cetera well you get the gist of it.

most of the time, after a results screen there are some important information to glean through after skimming through the big numbers.

As of 05th May 2024, this is more of a personal use kind of post that may or may not be updated, just try to message me @member119j or TeamPlasma on pokemonbattlearena or pokemoncrater

These information, provided as-is pro bono pro forma, are as following;

2018 Fes Results Screen : at this level of gameplay the only meaningful interaction would be the Hard/Normal/Easy multipliers which grant respectively a 1.25x/1.00x/0.75x to the score. Players using accounts as early as this age should not really be possible since this player is one of those, but just in case such players exist, this section is a reminder that basically any and all Fes Results after 2018 and before 1st April 2019 can be debugged by this.

after April 1st 2019 or Endless Loop: Fes Results Screen is largely unchanged with minor inflation at grade six (rank 6/rank 7). This player has been able to play normally and reach Rank 5/Rank 7 sometime around Summer 2018/Summer 2019

after December 2020 and December 2021 (in chronological consonance), but before 04 May 2024, and definitely before 01 April 2023: (Otherwise known as when Enza.fun made IkarugaLuca playable on 1st April 2023, while DMM.com made SuzukiHana and IkudaHaruki playable on 22nd November 2023) The Fes Results Screen is supposed to show the following messages for enza.fun players depending on the context: in grade fes, where the mainstay is that the hard difficulty score gives a 1.25x multiplier for clinching the weekly reset chance, and the 5x monies multiplier, which expedits members trying for the 100% SSR ticket purchaseable for 100,000 in-game monies; otherwise, the Fes Results Screen should refer but not necessarily be redirected to matchLive gameplay, which plays a script from server-side through pseudo-random number distribution