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[Shiroi Tsubasa] Mei Izumi

CardImg-1020190010.jpg CardImg-1020190010 FES.jpg

  • Card Type: Produce
  • Card Rarity: R
  • JP Card Name: 【白いツバサ】和泉愛依
  • EN Card Name: 【White Wings】 Mei Izumi
  • How to Acquire: Permanent Gacha
  • Release Date (Available Period): 2019/04/09

Skill Panel[edit | edit source]

20SP Dance 3% UP
Skill Passive DaUp.pngIf: Turn count ≤ 4
Chance: 20%
Maximum 1×
30SP Vocal 9% UP (1☆) Mei Appeal
Skill Passive VoUp.pngIf: Star count ≥ 10
Chance: 30%
Maximum 1×
Skill Live Da.pngDance 2× Appeal
Link: Dance 1x Appeal
40SP Mei Appeal+ (4☆) Dance Limit UP (3☆) Visual 3% UP (2☆)
Skill Live Vi.pngVisual 2.5× Appeal
Link: Visual 1× Appeal
Skill Limit Da.png
Dance Limit +50
Skill Passive ViUp.pngIf: Mental ≥ 75%
Chance: 40%
Maximum 1×

Memory Appeal[edit | edit source]

Appeal Name Effect Link Appeal
Irotoridori no Hane Memory Appeal [LV1] Visual 0.5x Appeal
Irotoridori no Hane+ Memory Appeal [LV2]
[Kagayaku] Irotoridori no Hane
Memory Appeal [LV3] Visual 1x Appeal

References[edit | edit source]

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