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The Producer Desk (or P-Desk) is a feature that was implemented on the February 10, 2022 update. The desk serves as a hub for new players to keep track of their progress as they play through the many aspects of Shiny Colors. It is also a place to easily access idol info, idol commus and scenario event commus.

It is divided into five parts: Whiteboard (フワイトボード), Idol (アイドル), Memory (思い出), Costume (衣装), and the P-Level Shop (Pレベルショップ)

Whiteboard[edit | edit source]

The whiteboard is where the player can keep track of their progress in Shiny Colors. The long whiteboard contains information including (in order): when the player first started playing the game, the beginner and W.I.N.G. missions, which characters whose W.I.N.G. routes are cleared, True End Training, Fan Festival/G.R.A.D./Landing Point clears, Fes Rehearsal/Grade Fes Clears, and Fes Tours.

At the bottom right part of the screen is the gauge for the Producer Level, or P-Level.

Idol[edit | edit source]

Memory[edit | edit source]

Costume[edit | edit source]

P-Level Shop[edit | edit source]