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The Gacha (or Gasha (ガシャ)) is a key component of Song for Prism. It is one of three sources of cards, apart from special promos and in-game events. Do note that the gacha for Song for Prism is split between a produce idol banner and a support chara banner, each with their own rates.

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Rates[edit | edit source]

Here are the overall rates for the gacha. Note that this is the general gacha chances per each rarity, further divided between produce and support cards. The actual rate per card will actually be lower. Please check the in-game gacha info for the actual rates per card.

Produce Idols
Rarity Rate
3* 5%
2* 10%
1 85%
Support Cards
Rarity Rate
SSR 5%
SR 10%
R 85%

Rolling for the gacha[edit | edit source]

To roll for the gacha you must have Prism jewels. Prism jewels are divided between paid jewels and free jewels. A single roll costs 250 Prism jewels (regardless of whether or not it is free), while a 10 roll costs 2500 Prism jewels. Free Prism jewels can be obtained in many ways:

  1. Doing missions
    • Doing all daily missions will give out 100 jewels
    • Also, doing regular/special missions can give you jewels as well. Full list here.
  2. Doing events and special activities
    • Box Events usually give out 800 Prism jewels from the event gacha and 500 Prism jewels from completing missions. Ranking rewards also give out jewels.
    • Challenge Tour can also give out rewards if you succeed in meeting certain criteria
  3. Reading story commus can give you 50 Prism jewels
  4. Ranking up in Score and Technical Score ranks can also give out jewels
  5. Certain promos and real life events can also give out codes that can give away free jewels.

Paid Prism Jewels, on the other hand must be bought, either through credit card or via Google Play/App Store. Paid Prism Jewels must be spent on the platform where they were purchased.

Sparking[edit | edit source]

To get a guaranteed copy of a featured idol/support in the rate up banners, you would need to do 200 rolls, with each roll giving you one point. You can then get a copy of any of the featured idols/supports. Do note that if you want to get the other idol/support you need to do another 200 rolls.

Prism Gauge[edit | edit source]

For every 100 rolls you do regardless of whether it is in the produce or support banner, you can get rewards via the prism gauge. The rewards reset after 400 rolls. Rewards include

Rolls Rewards
100 200 rainbow pieces
200 1 Guaranteed 3* Produce Idoi Ticket
300 200 rainbow pieces
400 1 Guaranteed SSR Support Chara Ticket