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THE iDOLM@STER SHINY COLORS is a idol raising simulation game created and maintained by Bandai Namco Nexus under the enza platform. The game was released for pc and mobile browsers on April 24, 2018.

About the game[edit | edit source]

The game allows you to choose from 28 different aspiring idols, each with their own stories. Your goal is to raise one of these idols and help them achieve their dream of becoming a top idol through lessons, auditions and lives in the various game modes.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

The game has two game modes: Produce and Fes.

In Produce, you are tasked to raise an idol and train her to reach her full potential through lessons, work and auditions. There are five produce modes: W.I.N.G., 283_Fan_Festival_~Thanks_Flapping_Day~, G.R.A.D., Landing Point and S.T.E.P., each with their own unique objectives, events and mechanics. The idol produced through these modes is called a Fes idol, which is used for fes.

In Fes, the objective is to let your fes idols perform and impress judges in order to show that they are the top idols. Gameplay involves using skills to target judges and to score the highest amount of stars. Fes is split into two parts: Fes Rehearsal, which involves easier ai-controlled rivals, and Grade Fes, which involves rivals that use teams and patterns of other players, and usually has gimmicks inserted.

Events[edit | edit source]

More Info: Events

Shiny Colors has a plethora of events:

  • Scenario Events - focused more on a new story for a unit and also involved producing idols
  • Produce Events - allows players to earn medal gacha tokens after produce runs to pull in the event gacha for rewards
  • Training Events - llows players to earn points to exchange for training tickets, also unlocks special auditions in W.I.N.G.
  • Fes Events - utilizes fes rehearsal to clear missions
  • CollaboFes - you team up with other producers to clear a "boss"
  • Fes Tours - travel across Japan to clear panels, win matches and conquer places!
  • Masters Fes - a special kind of fes that requires you to survive for a set number of turns while trying to beat difficult judges

Other Activities[edit | edit source]

Support Idols can be sent to do work in order to earn exp and produce items. There is also Match Live which allows you to clear areas for items that can help level up rooms which in turn give out bonuses for both Match Live and Produce Runs.

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