Mayu Mineda

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Mayu Mineda
Mayu Mineda.jpg
Voice Actor Profile
Name: 峯田茉優 (Mineda Mayu)
Nickname: だまゆ (Damayu)
Birthplace: Nagano, Japan
Birthdate: Nov 28, 1998
Height: ? cm
Age: 23
Blood Type: ?
Agency: VIMS
Occupations: Voice Actress
Hobbies: Crane game, Karaoke, Drawing, Dancing
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Mayu Mineda (峯田茉優 Mineda Mayu) is the voice actress for Meguru Hachimiya. She is affiliated with VIMS. Graduated from Japan Narration Acting Institute. Her hobbies are crane game, karaoke, drawing, dancing and solving mysteries.

Roles[edit | edit source]

TV Anime[edit | edit source]

  • Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood as Girl A
  • Merc Storia: Mukiryoku no Shounen to Bin no Naka no Shoujo as Child

Video Games[edit | edit source]

  • THE [email protected] Shiny Colors as Meguru Hachimiya
  • Kurokishi to Shiro no Maou as Erurūn
  • Brown dust as Eldora
  • Phantom of the Kill as Nīru
  • Formation Girls as Ōyama Masumi
  • Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX as RoRo

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Was in Seriously! AniLove Radio Blog (shared with other radio personalities, from 10/2017 to 09/2018)
  • Hosts 阿部里果・峯田茉優の「隠し玉!」along with Rika Abe, voice actress for Mizuki Makabe from THE [email protected] MILLION LIVE! [1]

References[edit | edit source]